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“Pura Vida” is a saying used in Costa Rica and when translated literally means Pure Life. To “Ticos”, (native Costa Ricans) it means much, much more.

Having fallen in love with this country, its people, and the beautiful scenery, we, as Canadians, and Helicopter Service Provider in Canada could not believe there was no organized or reasonably priced way to see some of this awe inspiring beauty from a helicopter, much of which is difficult, time consuming, or impossible to get to by road.

Our tours, starting in December of 2016 from our base near the Liberia Airport, will allow you to maximize your vacation value much in the way Helicopter Tour Operators have transformed vacation experiences for millions that have taken a Grand Canyon tour in Nevada, or an Island Tour in Hawaii.

Sunquest Heli Tours Costa Rica is a fusion of Canadian and Costa Rican expertise, offering modern and safe 6 Passenger, GreenStar Helicopters, with all forward facing seating and air conditioned comfort.


The Heli Tours Experience

At Sunquest Heli-Tours Costa Rica, we want your helicopter tour to be the most memorable experience of your Costa Rica trip. For that reason, we have taken a great deal of time to develop exciting and entertaining tours, with value added optional activities to showcase many of the supernatural wonders of this beautiful diverse country. Our goal is to provide a “Once in a Life-Time Experience” that you can look back upon with joy, many years in the future.

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Mission Statement

To make what seems impossible, possible.
Overload your senses. Create unforgettable memories.
Elevate your Natural Experience to Super Natural.