Heli-Tours Costa Rica History

Heli Tours Costa Rica may not be an air service company that you have heard of before, but it is backed by over 45 years of aviation experience in both Costa Rica and Canada.

Zimmer Air Services Inc.

Zimmer Air Services is a Canadian Helicopter Operation that has been in continuous operation from 3 bases in Ontario since 1981. We hold Transport Canada Aerial Work (702), Air Taxi - Helicopter (703), and Flight Training (426) Operating Certificates.

In addition to our flight authorizations, Zimmer Air has held an Airworthiness Maintenance Organization Certificate (AMO) 157-92 since the implementation of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and prior to that change in Canadian Regulations aligning them with the US FAR Regulations, we operated a commercial maintenance facility under the Engineering and Inspection, (E&I) Manual overseen by Transport Canada.

For more information on our Canadian operations visit our website.

Zimmer Air Services Inc.


Sunquest Heli Tour Safety

The enjoyment of our patrons is eclipsed only by our unwavering commitment to their safety. We bring to Costa Rica a world of experience in helicopter operations knowing that a strong and well implemented safety program will be paramount to the success of our operations.

Unlike every other Helicopter Tour Provider in Costa Rica who routinely book tours and subcontract them out to other service providers, booking a tour with Sunquest Heli Tours will ensure you a seat in a Sunquest Heli Tour Helicopter. We do not book tours we cannot carry out; nor do we rely on the flight safety or maintenance records of other operators we cannot verify or guarantee.

The combination of these two experienced companies have allowed HELI TOURS COSTA RICA to offer a Premium Helicopter Tour Service, dedicated to the emerging tourist market in Costa Rica and in particular, Guanacaste Province.

Green Star Helicopter

The Airbus AS350 Series of helicopters are used all over the world in tourism for their comfort, safety and reliability. The all forward facing 6 passenger seating configuration allows for unobstructed views of the spectacular sights you came to Costa Rica to see.

The AS350BAFX helicopter that Sunquest Helitours has chosen to use is a modified version of the BA model which utilizes the Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 engine producing 732 SHP for take-off, and the same weight carrying capacity of the AS350B2 Model equipped with the Turbomeca Arriel engine which produces 712 SHP.

Additional benefits of the conversion is a slight increase in power margins, reduced fuel consumption of up to 10%, as well as a lower noise signature at ground idle; all beneficial to your experience and the environment.

For added passenger comfort, all aircraft are equipped with air conditioning, sliding rear passenger door(s) for ease of entry and exit, and Bose noise cancelling headsets. An interior/exterior video recording system offers passengers an optional video file of the flight.

Safety features include, shoulder harness restraint systems for each passenger, aircraft Satellite tracking device, Satellite telephone, and enhanced navigational systems.

Helicopter Features

  1. Multi-blade Rotor System for a smooth ride.
  2. Large forward and side facing windows for maximum viewing.
  3. All forward facing seats. No restricted views.
  4. Sliding Passenger doors for easy entry/exit.
  5. Pilot-Passenger voice activated communication with Bose noise cancelling headset technology.
  6. Air conditioned comfort.


The pilots Sunquest Heli Tours Costa Rica have chosen to take you on your tour or flight are seasoned, worldly experienced helicopter pilots. Some are Canadian citizens, trained in Canada to some of the highest safety standards in the world. Others are Costa Rican nationals, or International pilots that have flown on helicopter missions in Costa Rica and around the world on a variety of flight missions including tourism, medevac, and utility flight operations. Every pilot employed by Sunquest Heli Tours has received training from a Zimmer Air Services Flight Instructor, and/or Chief Flying Instructor, (CFI), and has successfully passed an annual Pilot Proficiency Check, (PCC) by our CFI who is a Canadian Transport Canada accredited Flight Examiner.

Currently all our pilots flying your tour helicopter hold multiple commercial pilot licenses for Costa Rica - (DGAC), Canada - (TC), and the USA - (FAA). Their flying credentials are unmatched in Costa Rica. 



Mission Statement

To make what seems impossible, possible.
Overload your senses. Create unforgettable memories.
Elevate your Natural Experience to Super Natural.