How can I book a Tour?

Call our Toll Free Number.

Telephones will be answered between 8:00 AM CST and 6:00 PM CST. E-mail confirmation will be provided upon successful booking.

Online-booking coming soon.

What type of helicopter is being used?

The helicopter is a modern 7 place, 6 passenger, all forward seating aircraft manufactured in France and assembled in France, Canada, or the USA. It is the Airbus AS350BAFX2, which we have identified as the GreenStar. See the Aircraft Specification Page.

What is the cancellation policy?

Tours can be cancelled without penalty up to 24 hours prior to tour departure. Re-confirming tour is required a minimum of 24 hours prior to tour departure. Sunquest Helitours may cancel the tour without penalty due to lack of passenger demand, weather, aircraft airworthiness, etc. See Cancellation Policy for complete details.


Are there charges for cancelling and rebooking a tour?

Yes. A $50.00 fee per person will apply if a reschedule of tour date is requested up to 6:00 PM the day preceding the scheduled tour.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of operation are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

What are the Departure times?

Departure times range from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM depending upon the tour scheduled. Tour operations are legal daylight only. Costa Rica DGAC regulations prohibit night flight in helicopter tour operations.

What days do the tours operate?

Tours are available 7 days per week except for Christmas Day, December 25. Our initial tour schedule will be from December 01, 2016 to April 30, 2017. Tour schedules will be modified and expanded as demand dictates.

Are we guaranteed to see all the sights on the tour?

Weather conditions and safety may dictate or modify the tour. Although the tours originate in the dry coastal area, some of the tours cover rain forested areas, which means at times there will be rain and low cloud. We will not compromise your safety to ensure you see every sight as advertised.  You will receive the best tour available for the current conditions.

I am travelling with a group. Are group discounts offered?

Group discounts are offered with groups of 12 or more. Call our booking office to determine available discounts for the different tours.

What do I need to bring with me?

You must show photo ID prior to departing for the tour. It is recommended that comfortable clothing and shoes be worn, sunscreen is recommended, and of course your camera.

How old do you have to be to go on a tour?

Age is not the defining factor. Children must be able to be properly secured in a child restraint seat, the same as you would provide in your auto. Unlike airline flights, children under 2 years old must be in their own child seat and full fare will be charged regardless of child age. It is therefore recommended that very young children not be booked on tours until they are older and can appreciate the experience.

Will we be the only people in the helicopter?

No. Helicopter operation costs are the same whether the seats are empty or full. To provide the most economical tours we base our fares on all seats filled.

I am in a wheelchair. Can I fly?

Yes. We can accommodate physically handicapped individuals provided they have a collapsible wheelchair with removable wheels.

I am pregnant. Can I take a tour?

Yes. There are no restrictions for pregnant passengers, however it is always prudent to discuss this with your physician.

Can our pets fly with us?

Sunquest Helitours is a pet friendly company. We appreciate that some pets are a part of the family. However on helicopter tours we must ensure that all passenger rights are respected and we will therefore not be able to allow pets to fly.

On hotel transfers and charter flights pets will be allowed provided they are adequately secured in travel containers that would be allowed on most major airlines. Not all pets however are appropriate for air travel in the passenger compartment of a helicopter, and it will be at the discretion of Sunquest Helitours to make that determination.

Additional   charges may apply. Please contact our service representatives for further clarification and costs.

When is the best time to fly?

Regardless of your tour departure time the tour will be awe inspiring. Book your tour to suit your schedule and life style. However, there may be discounts available for early departures.

Are your pilots experienced?

All of our pilots have gained extensive experience in helicopter flight operations before being assigned to our Costa Rica tour operations. Each pilot receives recurrent training on an annual basis and must pass a PPC (Pilot Proficiency Check) comparable to what is required under Transport Canada Regulations. In addition to our pilots flying skills, they have been trained in Costa Rican geography, culture, and points of interest to enhance your tour value.

Are there any passenger weight restrictions?

Yes. The maximum weight of a passenger with carry-on must not exceed 250 lbs. Passengers exceeding this weight limit may be charged for an additional seat unless the total passenger load does not exceed the maximum internal gross weight.

Why do passengers need to be weighed?

For safety and to meet DGAC regulations, the aircraft gross weight must not be exceeded. The only way to calculate the aircraft gross weight is to weigh each individual and carry-on that will depart on the tour.

Can we purchase a video of our tour?

Most tour helicopters are equipped with a 4 camera system capable of recording interior and exterior video images. Upon completion of your tour, a copy of your flight can be provided on a USB  data stick.

Should I take airsickness medication before I fly?

You know if you are prone to air/motion sickness. The helicopter is much smoother than a light airplane, and as this is a tour not a thrill ride, pilots will not make abrupt maneuvers, giving customers a gentle and pleasant flight experience. Given this information, if you feel that air/motion sickness medication will benefit your experience, than please do so.


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